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Did you know…

Most business entrepreneurs, create content per day or week and expend 80% of their time on Social platforms?

Which helps them get burn out in the long run.

But what if there was another way? A way to invest one day per week creating content and then have free time to focus on other areas of your business?

Well, there is ANOTHER WAY!

And we want to show you a sneak peek into it, with this “tell-me-the-reality”  week of content-guide.

We wished, we had this guide when we started… anyways, what are you wanting for? Go on, download the guide now!

Type of Content 

When you know where you want to go, is the perfect moment to start planning with purpose.
So In this part you will see the different types of content you can use to build trust, positioning and sales. 

Week Of Content

Daily content adaptable to your offer plus where to re-purpose them and what to post in them.


An opportunity for you to see what we do inside our “Pre-launch content in my Inbox” Program.

Inside This you’ll find

Hello there!

Jennifer & Mayerlin here!
Online Business Strategist, Project managers & Copywriters
Our mission is to provide clarity to unclear business owners, guiding them to find purposes and understanding of how to deal with organic social media to increase client retention, and get new referees & new dream clients. 
Jennifer holds a degree in international business management, with marketing, and design as an extension, while Mayerlin holds a degree in international business management with project management, copywriting and design as an extension. 
When we are not being with our computers, we love to have conversations while walking on rural lands with family and friends and also, and we enjoy riding horses or swimming from time to time.

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