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The reason why, you loss money on coaches.

Mayday, Mayday! Huston, I have a problem! How can I hire a good coach?

Here is your simple, quick, and sexy guide on how to hire a coach.

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Firstly, assuming you haven’t noticed.

There is more transparency in service when entrepreneurs use Social Media platforms as their portfolios.

If you are ready to get a coach or hire a service, this gives you the freedom to analyze how well the coach (*you are going to hire) is doing with his/her knowledge.

What if they are new online?

Some coaches are new online, but if they have powerful solutions, you will be able to see their impact.

Here are 3 ways you can check their impact:

  • Do they give ideas/value with clarity?

  • Do they grow consistently? Daily? Not just followers, but clients?

  • Do they show their position? How verse on the experience they are?

The level of the information the coach gives, might not be at the level you need it.

Be mindful of it when analyzing the above impact. If you are interested in achieving your business goal faster, a coach is just perfect for you. The coach will tailor the advice and solutions to your specific business needs & model. This can make you come up with results within a week (*for those slow ones, within a month) of application. This happened to us.


Be aware that the personality of the coach might not match yours.

This could result in misunderstandings. Which leads to a loss of trust in your coach and their advice—the witch's potion for disaster.

Well, you just learned why a coach is your faster road to gaining results within a week or month. You also learn how to verify that you are hiring the right coach so you don’t end up wasting time.

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