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How to sell in your captions without losing your reader's trust.

Listen up! Focusing all your captions on just sales devaluates your experience


Let’s start with some assumptions. You’re probably creating content that speaks about your offers all the time. This content sounds like this:

- Get 10% in your…

- New product alert!…

- Learn how to get more sales with our free guide!

If you do this, you will be helpful to 1% of your audience. The ones ready-to-buy. Nonetheless, you have another 90% of audience who need some more “trust” in you, before making the sales decision. To this 90% of clients, your message sounds pushy.

So, what can you do instead?

That’s what this post is all about.

In this post, we will talk about how you can focus your content on sales without losing your readers' trust.


Here is the index to this blog content.

01 | 3 Type of content

02 | Creating trust through writing content

03 | Write content around your offer.

Well, let’s get the details.

Here is one thing you can do to create powerful content that makes the sale.

Give solutions through the basic 3 types of content.

Which are:

  1. Value content: which talks about how you lower time from small tasks.

  2. Branded content: Focus on talking about the areas of your brand such as values or purpose

  3. Sales content: This is directed to inform you about your offers & products/Services.

Use content framework.

Content frameworks are like knives to the butcher. Without knives, the butcher can't do his work. In the same way. Without a writing framework, your content will sound unclear, with too many topics on one post, and with a lack of purpose. In the end, it will make you look inexperienced.

Once you apply a framework your content will become convincing, punchy but sweet. It will give your audience the freedom to be ready to take your offer. To understand if before taking your offer they need something else.

Related: Belief Shift framework for captions.

Wait! This means that I will need to change my writing flow?!

Yes. You will need to change your writing flow for a simpler, more elevated message.

Your sales will you thank you latter.

The last thing you can do to create content for sales that builds trust is…

Make the content around your offer.

Your content should talk at all times about your offer. But it can’t sound repetitive. Here is how you do it.

✔️ Talk about common fears

✔️ Talk about sharing struggles

✔️ Talk about pivotal moments.

If you do this your content will repeal an audience who doesn’t align with your values, who is not a compromise to the change needed, and who is not coachable.

Because your clients need to act in order to see results, if you don’t attract people ready to fold their sleeves and DO. THE. WORK, you will certainly receive negative reviews which will affect your reputation.

Well, that is all. We just talked about the power of writing content for sales following the writing framework and why we recommend using them.

Don’t forget to save this post for later reference.

Ps. If you are ready to receive clients that you enjoy working with and repeal difficult clients through your content, all without sounding salesy, here is Belief Shift Framework Training. Belief Shift Framework is a marvelous way for experts—who are just starting to sharpen their sales writing skills—to attract and engage their readers without much effort.

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