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This is the perfect time to hire a Coach.

Updated: Nov 6

Firstly, assuming you haven’t noticed. There is more transparency when Social Media platforms work as portfolios.

Which gives you the freedom to analyze how well the coach (*you are going to hire) is doing with his/her knowledge.

In this post, we will talk about why is the perfect moment to hire a coach and what you would need to analyze a coach before hiring.

Find the right coach
3 things you need to know before hiring a coach


Here is the index for this blog post.

01 | Here are 3 things you can analyze before hiring a coach.

02 | The different business models.

03 | Belief Shift content


Okay, let’s cut the cake.

Some coaches are new online, but if they have powerful solutions, you can see their impact.

Here are 3 things you can analyze before hiring a coach:

✔️ Do they give ideas, aha! moments and value with clarity?

✔️ Do they grow consistently? Not just followers, but clients?

✔️ Do they show their position? How verse they are based on experience?

If you don’t hire a coach and try to solve your business needs by following gurus' advice, you could end up messing out with your sales.

Here, let me explain that!

There are different business models.

This depends on the type of offer style you choose. Some of them are...

★ Marketplace

★ Freemium

★ Bundling

All “Gurus” advice are based on different business models. And if you apply a strategy that works best in one module than the other you can end up with the wrong results.

If you are interested in achieving your business goal faster, a coach is just perfect for you.

This can make you come up with results within a week (*for those slow ones, within a month) of application. This happened to us.

Nonetheless, be aware that the personality of the coach might not match yours. This could result in misunderstandings. Which leads to a loss of trust in your coach and their advice—the witch's potion for disaster.

Well, you just learned why a coach is your faster road to gaining results within a week or month. You also learn how to verify that you are hiring the right coach so you don’t end up wasting time.

If receiving clients this month through your captions is what you are looking for:

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