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Tired of double checking your captions for mistakes? Here is your solution.

Updated: Nov 14

I was eating words all the time!! My major battle was to double check spelling & grammar.

I have always feared the writing process because I have a low capacity to identify tween words.

To give you an example:

The words “where” and “were” are quite similar.

You see, these words have only one consonant of difference, the “h” and I always miss these differences.

To stop this “danger” I thought to ask those around me to check my work before being published, but of course, this was not faceable in the long run. At the end. (*After long research of try and error), I discovered 3 platforms that have made my editorial process 90% faster. It also helps me overcome the writing stress.

In this post I will share my writing edition process check and how to lower your the mistakes without investing more time (*which, We entrepreneurs, don’t have)

These are the platforms I found:


Show you the correct use of small words.

Example: An & a.


Help you identify the heavy sentences.

Example: Long sentence, and compose sentences).

Google Translate.

Help you identify similar words with different meanings.

This is helpful, especially to writers on a no native to the language you are writing.

The other to improve your mistakes in your captions is by reading books.

I found that reading Books improve spelling. The more descriptive the book (* Adventure section) the better.

Reading give your subconscious power to identify similar words on the go. Your brain store pictures of the words and it send your mind these images when you are writing. Which help you have less errors lower your time of edition. You might not like adventure books, but that doesn’t have to stop you. You can choose to read:

  1. The news

  2. Books around your industry.

  3. Emails

You can read during 15 to 20 min. This will improve your knowledge, your vision of your business future and more.

Every writer goes through this stage. Keep writing even when it feels fearful.

Now you know what platforms will improve your edition time and how to accelerate your brain spelling retention (without much effort)

Comment below 👇 What other amazing platform do you have under your sleeve to edit your content?

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