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“Urgent Captions for  Sales”

A coaching program perfect for you looking to experience splendid results.


Explore the pragmatic way of using organic marketing. Build an alluring business ready to impact your life style with unconventional sales. 

This program adapts to your needs. Perfect for goals on, sales through content, Funnel settings, Offers Launch online and the ultimate addition “Customer retention”. 


Hooks that stop the scroll.

-Live Training-

These Live Training is exactly what you do when anything unexpected happens.


The perfect match for experts like you, that may need urgent support in their online journey, while avoid getting lost in the sea of marketing “gurus”.

Developed with techniques that stimulate our human’s brain to retain, apply and amplify any new skill. 



The art of making magic with your mind.

Get a new skill every month with this amazing Email Sequence for Business Services, that are scaling their online presence and enjoying Elite results. 

The first month is ON THE HOUSE. You will receive the secret behind Instagram & Facebook stories focus on sales and clients retention. 

Million Dollar skills for the price of a bus ticket! 

After that first week, you will receive one of our NEW courses tailored to exclusive business services online for the price of a bus ticket : £25/month 

Online Social Skills are for you if…


This is not another intrusive email letter. This intimate letter has the goal of bringing you back in love with the simplicity of building a clear, independent business, fit to your Elite sustainable life style.

The cost?

Reading it.

Taking action


Be actively telling us what your next experience is,

so we can travel with you. 


Bet you £10 you won’t unsubscribe 😉





Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 17.05.41.png


That’s what we do here at Hazu.

We coach experts new online who just don’t like to be taken by surprise even when starting from scratch!

If You See a Need, Take the Lead

Unchain the reactions


Here are the different ways we can work together.

☝️You are ready to leave your clients thinking “WOW! I          found the real deal”


☝️You are ready to Calibrate your efforts with remarkable       results.


☝️You are ready to use a message that reflects your                values and personality.


☝️You are Happily ready to share your social links with          anyone out of feeling proud of your effort’s results.

Time Don’t stands still 

Hello, we are the Co-founders leading Hazu Digital’s wheel.

We opened our studio because we where tired of seeing Hundreds of experts new online doing beginner mistakes that had an easy solution.


From Business Strategist to business coach and copywriters we are here to help you make a change, mark your territory and grow the way you want.


Here to give you a road trip through to revive your business.

Tell me more…

Hi! I'm Jennifer 

Hi! I'm Mayerlin

Two Dried Leaves

Work with Us

Close the windows, lock the doors Cu’z we are going to build a business everyone will enjoy!

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