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How are you gonna get clients through social media who…

Have no idea who you are, what you do and the amazing results you can deliver?

Using a FREE resource.

What type of freebie do I need?

It all depends on your offer. That’s what we are gonna find out in this FREE document. 

Check List

The real value.

A checklist that will prevent you from losing time, and procrastinaton.

Don’t forget any, ANY, step


Too much free stuff!

Discover the secret to avoid giving TOO MUCH value or TOO LITTLE value. 

For all of you that fear giving too much free info…


Action speak louder than words!

To show your capacities and experience.


To show the value inside of your offer.



People buy when they trust and know the value you will provide, and what better way to show this, than through actions?


You will have…

And just… who we are?

Jennifer & Mayerlin!

Online Business Strategist, Project Manager & Copywriter.

Our purpose is to provide the guidance highly skilled owners (or Soon to be owners of online businesses) need to position their online presence and become...




Trusted authorities in their field


All through organic “Social Media Launch Content”.


You are gonna be working with Jennifer, a Business strategist, Marketer, and Designer, or with Mayerlin a Project Manager, Copywriter for creative, and photographer. 

We love to help entrepreneurs who have a clear purpose of what they want and take action. And we support all of them by showing without the fluff and hidden agendas, what is the sequence of action for their victory. 

When we are not behind our computers, we love to walk on rural lands, have meaningful conversations with family and friends, and also, we enjoy riding horses or swimming from time to time.

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