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That one time that I discovered I could really do this content creation process…

It was a sunny, clear afternoon… * record scratch*


We had already months writing content but it was more the effort we were putting in, that the income coming in. 😣

We did what they taught us:

Write educational, inspirational, long blog post with information about the industry and our services.

But this was only making our anxiety grow.

We quickly realised that was unsustainable and unprofitable.

And then, we found it. Companies like Apple, and Nike, or coaches like Simon Sinai and Warren Buffet were talking about it.

The secret is your message and what stories you tell in your content.

Simon Sinek in his book “Start with the WHY” explains how important is to use a message that shift perspectives and touches the emotion of your audience. 🙀

This message style has made tons of money for these big companies and other coaches.

We couldn’t believe it. So we tried to seek more information about it and saw the difference.

But that’s the moment we knew we were into something… that’s when we decided to create our free training belief shift content.

You can learn the exact framework to write high-converting message in your content.

Throw the panic and worry away when you begin to watch our free training because here’s what’s included in this thing:

💌A step by step video breakdown of the difference of content with belief shifting and frameworks

💌A template that will never let you start from scratch- Simply plug in your message and let the framework do the heavy lifting.

PLUS, we’ll give you a guide that will help you write hooks that stop the scroll and invite people to read your posts.

Want the video link?

Watch now here

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