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Yup, I’m calling you out. *gently*

When you first discovered content marketing you probably were completely mind blown.

You found something to help you show your business in a creative way to reduce Ads spending, but you’re on your millionth. 

You’re just writing it’s not sticking because content without a business goal and using content message that doesn’t generate consistent sales.

You may have picked up some strategies here and there but nothing is sticking because you can’t decide which strategy is actually the best. Right now, you’re…

-Writing a million ideas in your notepad telling yourself you’ll come back to it.

-Inspired by a coach that related to you with for a few days before you look at another content creation strategy.

-Telling yourself  “This is going to work, I just need to keep posting”

It’s time to start taking action because only through a Belief Shifting method can you really see content marketing work their magic.

Here’s what you need to start changing in your content message

-Use storytelling: Your personal experience or client experience and business experience.

-Educational is good just if they are looking to learn. The best to do is make a variation of mistakes, misconceptions, promotional and educational content.

-Spend a few minutes each week analysing which content is performing best and then reuse it in another format, like REELS or Stories.

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