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How to get your content reach more eyeballs. 👀

You spend a significant amount of time each week on your content making sure it’s perfect.

You know the value of content marketing and you even LOVE connecting with your audience on a deeper level using Instagram captions, blog posts, emails but for some reason…

Your content is not attracting any clients.

If you’re been circling your mind thinking…

Is it me?

Let’s kick it to the curb ASAP because more than likely, you’re just making an easily reversible content marketing mistake.

1-Your content is giving too much value. Create a bank of topics around your offers. Write the why, what and so what in your captions.

2-You’re not talking about your audience’s problems.

Your content should be around your offer. Revise your offer, what are the three main solutions to your clients? and create content around it.

3- No sense of urgency. Apply a call to action in your post, inspire people to take action and connect with your offers.

4- Your content is only about social media trends. Plan your content, this will allow you reduce time on social media and the anxiety of what to post every day.

5-You are using the wrong keywords. Using words as Free, Freebies, Giveaway too much can send the wrong message it can make your offers look cheap.

Implement these suggestions,

and you’ll be surprised how many begin to pay attention to your content and connect with your message and offers.

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