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Greetings and Welcome to

Hazu Digital.

We are a business strategy studio London-Based. We focus on helping experts new online, home entrepreneurs and business services to stop trying’ to be like everyone else on social media.

Never be taken by surprise again. 

Because this is OUR about page…

We are Free to say: Copycat is dirty nothing more than being thirsty, and that’s why we offer all sorts of magic tools so you can Level-Up your game and stand out of the online market.

Our tools range from coaching to self paice program/courses.

Now about Us, the co-founders.

Jennifer & Mayerlin

Co-founders leading Hazu wheels.

We opened Hazu doors because we were tired of seeing Hundreds of Experts new online doing beginner mistakes that had an easy solution. We are here to value your expertise’ position while helping you sharpen new skills.

We went from creating our first biz as Technics of Study teachers to coach & help our friends with small business such:


Shoe shop,



And others.


All during A-levels. Once at UNI. We thought to be ready to build our own new business as business strategies, but with all the magic inside our hearts, we couldn’t.

University didn’t give us the experience, knowledge, or skills to make our dreams a reality.

Because we were not ready to give up. We chased amazing coaches until we found the ones that brought us to this moment, this time.

Where— Hazu Digital—

is open and ready to offer the help we didn’t find in one single program out there!

Here is what makes Our tools unique!

University Degree

Takes around 3 to 5 years to be acquire.

Our tools

Level-up your business Game from 1h to 30 days of application. 

University Degree

Offers a min of £10,000 up to £38,00 or more per degree.

Our Prices 

For a Better Result, runs from £197 up to £5,997


Is not fair that for less you pay more, We bring our program and workshops at a university level with the power of experience.

Fun Facts

About Us

You Should Know Before Claiming Any Of Our Courses ;)


Jennifer & Mayerlin 


The devil lurks in the darkest details, so We are vigilant for any sign

A little secrete: 


When We are tired of loving from afar, we took the shoot and jumped to this business! Just like you are doing today.


To re-write the starts We mix persistency and courage.

Elegance is at the core of everything We do.

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